HRH presents Hammerfest XI, A New Adventure

We Lived, We Saw, We conquered and now we return to for a momentous date in the calendar.

So as we leave our Welsh Warriors & Metal Maniacs firmly engrained along the Gwynedd coastline, we now set the tone for HF XI, with the historical backdrop of WYDDFA (Snowdon) to the Druidic Cult on Mona, we reactivate the ancient tribes of Cymri, the Silures, the Ordovices and the oath sworn of Rheged. Our new encounter calls upon the Oathsworn to take sail yet again for a full on shield wall full of Saxon fury .HF style.
Now in its 11 th cycle, HF has always staged a community experience, laced with metal, camaraderie and full on fun.  Entering the world of the ancient warriors' hearts will only add a new dimension of fun that makes this particular experience one you won't want to miss.  Expect the unexpected, expect unique interaction and quality production at one of the world's best Metal community affairs.

This episode will also feature some genre stages under the banner of HRH Doom, HRH Stoner HRH Metal ,HRH Thrash and our new Dark Brother, HRH Black.

We went on sale earlier than ever, as last years event sold out 11 months in advance.Royalty went in minutes and were now under 28 rooms left for the weekend.

We feel this one will go at a very accelerated rate too, hence the heads up.  No fields, no dodgy weather.  Your own quality gaffs with fully equipped toilets, TV, fridges, heating n showers in tow,.. or if campervans is your thing, we can do the touring too. And everything within a stones throw from the arenas and fun. Be rest assured we will have the full Metal spectrum catered for and after this year's success, we know exactly what you will be needing to take it to the next level !!..after all , you lot voted it in…..Pure Saxon Sword Song of Metal Fury..HF style

So get on board for another adventure to Hammerfest.  Bigger, better, with more mates that are into metal, than you can ever dream of…

Hammerfest XI will take place between 21st - 24th March 2019 in this 3 day, multi brand affair.

Raise the Shield Wall, lock em tight and march…. The HF Oathsworn have all been summoned yet again.

0207 193 9564 if you need any assistance...online if you know the drill
.  See you on the deck, hoist the banner, and let's get this show on the road...

HF Round Table



  • Well what to say i know i need to get some sleep before i go back to work put had to post this first had a dam good weekend at hammer fest so a big big thank you for all the staff that put it all together for us all. i know you all work dam hard putting it all together so again thank you see you all soon
    Fluff - Hammerfest Forum.
  • Yes thanks to all concerned.... I think the whole thing went very smoothly and the sound was good
    MyChemicalRomance - Hammerfest Forum
  • Great weekend Breed 77 and Sabaton destroyed Pontins,
    Loved all the bands we saw.
    Graham P - Hammerfest Forum
  • Entombed ruled HF for me followed by Onslaught, Evile, Attica, Breed77, Accept, Jaguar, Severenth etc etc

    It was great to see a lot of the DC/HF/HRH'ers again and meet a lot of others as well

    Thank you to the HF crew
    Rocktastic - Hammerfest Forum